Southwest Tower (AR9701, AR9702)

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1 - Arrival

This tower is inhabited by a Wyvern Matron and her six Wyvern offspring. Bring all seven of the creatures down for a measly 10,400 experience points (and no loot!), then walk over and activate the lever near the main entrance.

2 - Lever

This lever will open the stairway in the Northeast Tower.

3 - Stairway

Once you have activated the lever in the Northeast Tower, a stairway leading down to area #4 will be revealed beneath this trapdoor.

4 - Test of Mind

No battle awaits you in the lower level of this tower. Instead, The Luremaster challenges you with a riddle:
    Of the elements I am born,
    My gift brings both love and scorn.
    My touch can feel either hot or cold,
    Yet I am not meant for a man to hold.
The answer is pretty obvious once the Luremaster gives you a list of six choices. Tell him "Wind" to receive 120,000 experience points and the Tale of Sir Giles.