Northwest Tower (AR9703, AR9704)

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1 - Arrival

A man named Harald paces the upper floor of this tower. Speak with him to learn that he was once a Paladin of Tyr that came to Castle Maluradek in search of money, tricking himself into believing that it was going to be for some noble purpose. Instead, all Harald ended up accomplishing was to get all of his companions killed and push his god away.

With all that has transpired, Harald doesn't want to live anymore. He'll ask you to give him a quick and painless death so that he can be put out of his misery once and for all. If you give him the death that he seeks, you'll lose two points of reputation but will earn 6000 experience points and will gain access to all of his equipment - a suit of Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, a Golden Girdle, a Ring of Free Action, Boots of Grounding, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, and a Morning Star +4: Defender. The loss of reputation might be enough to make your own Paladins or Rangers fall, though, so save your game before ending Harald's life.

Regardless of what you choose to do with Harald, make sure you pick up the Holy Symbol of Helm lying on the floor next to one of the Paladin's former companions.

2 - Lever

This lever will open the stairway in the Southeast Tower.

3 - Stairway

Once you have activated the lever in the Southeast Tower, a stairway leading down to area #4 will be revealed beneath this trapdoor.

4 - Test of Strength

The Luremaster is ready to put your party through another trial, and this time it's designed to test your mettle. After a quick bit of dialogue, the Luremaster disappears and six Animated Plate skeletons will emerge from the small chambers that line the room's walls. Aside from the fact that they are immune to lower end magic weapons, you should be able to deal with these undead as you would any other. After cleaning them up for 5000 experience points each, the Luremaster will reappear and award you with 120,000 experience points and The Tale of Sir Erris.