Castle Dungeon 1 (AR9716)

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1 - Arrival

After descending the stairway on Castle Maluradek's ground floor, you'll find yourself standing at this location.

2 - Locked Door

This locked door is flanked by two levers, each of which controls three of the six cell doors along the hallway ahead of you. The cells are inhabited by several Umber Hulks, Neo Orogs, Wyverns, Minotaurs, Trolls, and Red Myconids. If you pull the levers now, you can stand behind the locked door and watch as all of the creatures kill each other. If you don't pull the levers, then you'll have to kill each of the cell's inhabitants as you move past it in the hallway.

Whatever you decide, you'll have to either pick the lock on the door or bash it to reach the hallway.

3 - Exit

Pick the lock or bash this door to reach the second floor of the dungeon.