Southeast Tower (AR9707, AR9708)

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1 - Arrival

This tower is inhabited by three fanatical adventurers desperately seeking a way out of Castle Maluradek. After some small talk with the one named Criek of Bane, you'll be forced to battle the trio. As soon as the fight begins, the caster off to the right (Adran Runeshadow) will summon in a djinni named Zepharim.

You may find this particular battle mildly difficult, but the spoils all well worth the effort. Criek of Bane drops some gold, a Fire Flail +3, a Bag of Holding, and a Ring of Greater Resistance. Adran drops more gold, a "Genie's Flask" (presumably used to summon Zepharim), a Wand of Fire, a Ring of Fire Resistance, a Ring of Protection +2, a Robe of the Evil Archmagi, a Golden Girdle, a pair of Boots of Grounding, a Staff of the Hanged Man's Glee, and a powerful Cloak of Scintillating Colors. Shelhai drops another nice pile of gold, seven gems, a nonmagical ring, some Gauntlets of Ogre Power, a suit of Full Plate Mail +1, a Ring of Free Action, and a Charged Battle Axe +2. Even the Djinni relinquishes a powerful scimitar called Wind of Heaven when it dies. Not bad at all.

2 - Lever

This lever will open the stairway in the Northwest Tower.

3 - Stairway

Once you have activated the lever in the Northwest Tower, a stairway leading down to area #4 will be revealed beneath this trapdoor.

3 - Test of Perseverance

For this trial, the Luremaster wants to see if perseverance is among your party's heroic virtues. Unfortunately, all that means is that you're going to be engaging in more combat. When the Luremaster disappears, a Shambler, three Mustard Jellies, and four Red Myconids appear and attack your party. Once you've slain them all, the Luremaster will reappear and award you with 120,000 experience points and The Tale of Sir Zierkki.