Castle Dungeon 3 (AR9718)

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1 - Arrival

Once you've presented the Magic Mouth with the two required skulls on the second floor of the castle's dungeon, you'll find yourself descending further into the castle's underbelly. You may want to rest up before activating the nearby lever and proceeding into the next room.

2 - Luremaster

The Luremaster will make another appearance in this room. He'll issue you a challenge - find a way to escape this very dungeon where he perished or stay until you die of starvation. With that, he leaves you with a final riddle:
    Your host was held unjustly while
    The lord so full of wrath and guile
    Demanded that this bard should style
    A tale to make his people smile.
    Suffer not your host's cruel doom,
    Use your time to flee his room.
    Shadowed dogs lurk in the gloom,
    And weave escape upon their loom.
    If we chance to meet once more,
    Your host will have a gift in store.
    Defeat our shades in righteous war,
    And we shall haunt this place no more.
The first half of this riddle should make sense to you if you read Maluradek's Journal, and the second half seems to suggest that you're finally nearing the end of the Luremaster's trials. When your dialogue ends, the gate behind you will slam shut and an army of Olive Slimes will attack your party. These particular oozes can only be hurt by magical damage, so a couple of well-placed Fireballs can make this battle much easier. There are a few traps in the central area of the room, so stay along the edges while the battle commences.

When the room is clear, search the three barrels in the corners of the room for two Antidotes and a scroll of Power Word: Stun.

3 - Locked Cell

A few more Olive Slimes and a Slime Zombie await your party in this locked cell.

4 - Locked Cell

A few more Olive Slimes and a Slime Zombie await your party in this locked cell.

5 - Secret Door

After picking or bashing the door to this room, you'll discover a secret door along the east wall. Pass through the door to reach the level's exit.

6 - Exit

This doorway leads down to the fourth floor of the castle's dungeon.