Northeast Tower (AR9705, AR9706)

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1 - Arrival

Your entry to this tower is greeted by Mag, Queen of the Harpies. After a brief bit of dialogue, she will attempt to feast upon your party of "succulent morsels" with the help of seven other Harpy "sisters" around the room. Kill the hags for trying to make a meal out of you, then search the Harpy Queen's remains to find three Potions of Extra Healing, a Ring of Greater Resistance, and Chautog's Thinker.

2 - Lever

This lever will open the stairway in the Southwest Tower.

3 - Stairway

Once you have activated the lever in the Southwest Tower, a stairway leading down to area #4 will be revealed beneath this trapdoor.

4 - Test of Courage

For this particular trial, the Luremaster wants to see if your party possesses the courage of true heroes. The apparition will explain that one of the chests in the center of the room contains the prize you seek, while the other five offer only death. Death is really a strong word to use here, though, since the five empty chests are actually just trapped with damaging spells (like Fireball). It's certainly possible to open any of them and live to tell about it, but - thanks to this walkthrough - you don't even have to try. Pop open the upper left chest and you'll find The Tale of Sir Geddian within. Unfortunately, you don't get an experience reward for finishing this trial.