Perks: Level 8
Commando (1 Rank)

While using a rifle or a similar two-handed weapon, your accuracy in V.A.T.S. increases significantly.

Our grade: B+. Automatic fire rules, so this perk plus rifles is a good combination.

Impartial Mediation (1 Rank)

With the impartial mediation perk, you gain an extra 30 points to your speech skill so long as you maintain a neutral karma level. Requires CH 5.

Our grade: D. If you want to be a neutral diplomat, then this perk is great. But who wants to be a neutral diplomat?

Rad Resistance (1 Rank)

Rad resistance allows you to -- what else? -- resist radiation. This perk grants you an additional 25% to radiation resistance. Requires EN 5.

Our grade: D. You won't encounter radiation all that often, and you'll find plenty of radiation chems.

Scrounger (1 Rank)

With the scrounger perk, you find considerably more ammunition in containers than you normally would.

Our grade: C+. Early in the game you might need extra ammunition, and later, even if you don't, you can sell it, making it a reasonable addition to your income. Also, since all ammunition is weightless, the more you find, the better.

Size Matters (3 Ranks)

You're obsessed with really big weapons. With each rank of this perk, you gain an additional 15 points to your Big Guns skill. Requires EN 5.

Our grade: C+. It's 15 points instead of 10 points, so it's a little better than most of the other skill perks.

Strong Back (1 Rank)

This perk allows you to carry an additional 50 pounds of equipment. Requires ST 5, EN 5.

Our grade: B. Because of how repairs and recipes work, you'll need to lug around a lot of extra equipment, making this perk very convenient if not actually necessary.