Perks: Special
Auto Axpert

You've become an expert with the Auto Axe. You do +25% damage whenever you use it. Vroom.

You'll receive this perk after finding 10 Steel Ingots in The Pitt's Steelyard.

Booster Shot

Medical research from the Pitt has improved your life. Just try not to think of what it may have cost others. Your radiation resistance is improved by 10%.

You'll receive this perk at the conclusion of The Pitt, regardless of the side you support.

Covert Ops

You've recovered all the hidden intel from Operation: Anchorage. Good work, soldier!

You'll gain this perk for picking up all ten intel suitcases scattered throughout the Operation: Anchorage DLC.

Ghoul Ecology

You have learned to exploit the specific weaknesses of ghouls, and gain a +5 damage bonus when attacking one.

You'll receive this perk after reading Plik's Journal inside Point Lookout's Coastal Grotto.

Pitt Fighter

The vicious fights in the Hole have left you stronger. Both your damage and radiation resistances have been increased by 3%.

You'll earn this perk after defeating all three groups of combatants in The Pitt's arena (the Hole).

Punga Power!

Behold the power of the Punga! The restorative effects of Punga fruit now have a greater effect on you.

You'll earn this perk after completing Point Lookout's Walking With Spirits quest.

Superior Defender

With the Superior Defender perk, you gain +5 to your damage and +10 to your armor rating when standing still.

Desmond will teach you this perk after fending off the Tribal attack at Point Lookout's Calvert Mansion.

Xenotech Expert

Your familiarity with alien technology gives you better control over their weapons, increasing their damage output by 20%.

This perk is automatically acquired after teleporting in and subsequently killing a significant number of Raiders and Albion Scorpions in Mothership Zeta's weapon labs.