Perks: Level 10
Animal Friend (2 Ranks)

At the first rank of this perk, animals simply won't attack you. At the second rank, they will eventually come to your aid in combat, but never against another animal. Affects dogs, yao guai, mole rats, and brahmin. Requires 6 CH.

Our grade: F. If this perk included mirelurks, then it would be useful. But you won't encounter the animals it lists very often, and you shouldn't have much trouble killing them when you do.

Finesse (1 Rank)

With the finesse perk, you have a higher chance to score a critical hit on an opponent in combat, the equivalent of having 5 extra points of Luck.

Our grade: A. More criticals in combat is a very good thing.

Here and Now (1 Rank)

This perk immediately grants an additional experience level, complete with all of the advantages that brings.

Our grade: F. You shouldn't have any trouble reaching level 20 in the game without this perk, so choosing this is a bit of a waste.

Mister Sandman (1 Rank)

With this perk, when you're in sneak mode, you gain the option to silently kill any human or ghoul while they're sleeping. Plus, all such kills earn bonus XP. Requires sneak 60.

Our grade: D-. Humans and ghouls aren't especially tough to kill, and you won't find them sleeping very often.

Mysterious Stranger (1 Rank)

Gives you your own personal guardian angel... armed with a fully loaded .44 Magnum. With this perk, the Mysterious Stranger appears occasionally in V.A.T.S. mode to lend a hand, with deadly efficiency. Requires LU 6.

Our grade: D. We've found that companions tend to get in the way as much as they help out, and so adding an extra one sometimes seems kind of dubious.

Nerd Rage (1 Rank)

You've been pushed around long enough! With this perk, your strength is raised to 10 and you gain 50% to damage resistance whenever your health drops to 20% or below. Requires IN 5, Science 50.

Our grade: D. Since you can pause the game and take stimpaks whenever you want, chances are your health won't be under 20% very often.

Night Person (1 Rank)

When the sun is down, a night person gains +2 to Intelligence and Perception, up to a maximum of 10. This perk directly affects your "internal clock," and it remains active both inside and outside.

Our grade: D+. This perk sounds useful since there isn't a downside to being in daylight, but the intelligence won't really help you, and we're guessing people who want perception will get it in other ways.