Perks: Level 26
Nerves of Steel

With the Nerves of Steel perk, you regenerate Action Points much more quickly than you normally would. Requires AG 7.

Our grade: A-. Just in case you don't finish off an opponent to take advantage of Grim Reaper's Sprint.

Rad Tolerance

Although you are still notified when you get Minor Radiation Poisoning, you do not suffer any ill effects from it. Requires EN 7.

Our grade: D+. With the abundance of radiation-reducing chems and the ability to visit a doctor to remove all radiation, is this really necessary?


You've figured out on your own how to build all the custom weapons! With the Warmonger perk, all custom weapon types become available to you without the necessary schematics. Requires IN 7.

Our grade: C+. Choose this perk only if you really want to try out a schematic that eluded you in the wasteland.