Perks: Level 18
Computer Whiz (1 Rank)

Fail a hack attempt and get locked out of a computer? Not if you're a computer whiz! With this perk, you get a second chance at any computer you were previously locked out of. Requires IN 7, science 70.

Our grade: F. Considering that you can just power down a terminal before failing and retry it from scratch (or save and load), this perk is pretty much useless. Even if you do fail on some terminals, how likely are you to keep track of them and then re-visit them all later?

Concentrated Fire (1 Rank)

With concentrated fire, your accuracy to hit any body part in V.A.T.S. increases slightly with each subsequent hit on that body part. Requires Small Guns 60, Energy Weapons 60.

Our grade: C. By the time you reach level 18, you probably won't need extra accuracy, but, what the heck, extra accuracy never hurts.

Infiltrator (1 Rank)

The infiltrator perk gives you a second attempt at a lock that you previously broke while trying to force it. Requires PE 7, Lockpick 70.

Our grade: D. This perk is mostly just a time-saver, since it means you can try to force a lock first, and then if that doesn't work, go ahead and pick it. But like with Computer Whiz, you can also just save and load to ensure that you succeed, making the perk unnecessary.

Paralyzing Palm (1 Rank)

With paralyzing palm, you sometimes perform a special V.A.T.S. palm strike that paralyzes your opponent for 30 seconds. Note that in order to use the perk, you must be completely unarmed. Requires Unarmed 70.

Our grade: A+. The perk is as good as it sounds. If you use unarmed attacks, then you should definitely select it.