Perks: Level 22
Deep Sleep

You sleep deeply no matter where you are. You get the Well Rested benefit of +10% XP for eight hours no matter what bed you sleep in.

Our grade: B-. If you're hell-bent on reaching level 30 as fast as possible, then this perk might be worth nabbing.


With the Puppies! perk, if Dogmeat dies, you'll be able to get a new canine companion from his litter of puppies. Just wait a bit, and you'll find your new furry friend waiting outside Vault 101.

Our grade: B+. If you like having Dogmeat following you around and don't want to use console cheats (or are on the Xbox 360), this one comes recommended.

Quantum Chemist

You have unlocked the secret to creating Nuka-Cola Quantum. With this perk, every ten Nuka-Colas in your inventory is immediately converted into a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Our grade: A-. We like Nuka-Cola Quantums. They'll help you complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge, construct an arsenal of Nuka-Grenades, and they taste good, too.