Chapter Six (Unwise Alliance)
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Subdue the Droog
Quest: Subdue the Droog

How to Acquire: Talk to Tarnish once you reach Fortress Kroth to get this quest. He is sitting near the burned house at the center of the Fortress. He will tell you if you like you can try to subdue the Droog village which is located at the Cliffs of Fire, because the Droog are constantly causing trouble to the fortress and the region.

How to Complete: Follow the path to the Cliffs of Fire and you will eventually reach the Droog Village. Keep in mind that you will be ambushed several times from the Droog warriors so be prepared. Once in the village you will witness a strange behavior from the Droog villagers. The villagers will fall on their knees and praise you as soon as you get near them. Continue forth inside the village until you reach the last room, in where you will find Novataya, the village elder? Once in her chamber this quest will automatically be completed. Novataya will inform you that in order to survive the Droog people have made an Unwise Alliance with the Seck. She is also a merchant so equip you party as best as you can for the task ahead.