Chapter Eight (The Chamber of Stars)
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The Chamber of Stars
Quest: The Chamber of Stars

How to Acquire: This final quest is given to you from King Koreid once you free him. The King will request that you travel to the Chamber of Starts and retrieve the blessed artifacts from within so that you can use them against the final fight with the Seck. He will also give the Star Key you need to access the chamber, so don't forget to pick it up when you leave.

How to Complete: Continue deep into the castle's underground chambers until you reach the Star device, there use the Star key and follow the now visible path to the Chamber of Stars. Once inside the Chamber touch all four statues and enjoy the cut scene. You can retrieve the artifacts afterwards and use them as you see fit.

Vanquish the Seck
Quest: Vanquish the Seck

How to Acquire: The final quest given to you from King Koreid after you free him is to destroy the remaining Seck before the will be able to free Gom.

How to Complete: Once out of the Chamber of Stars this quest will be updated and moved to Chapter 9. When you reach the last location of the game you will forced to vanquish Gom the Seck God himself as well. You should know what to do now =). Defeating Gom will complete the final quest and win the game!