Chapter Seven (King and Castle)
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Journey to Castle Ehb
Quest: Journey to Castle Ehb

How to Acquire: Talk with Novataya at the Droog village and she will inform you that the Castle of Ehb is besieged by the Seck people and you must reach it so that you can prevent the Seck from capturing the secret chamber of the castle. The secret chamber is no other than the Chamber of Stars and it is the key fro the Seck to unleash their full destructive power.

How to Complete: All you have to do to complete this quest is reach the entrance of the castle. But be prepared to find strong resistance along the way.

Slay the Dragon of Rathe
Quest: Slay the Dragon of Rathe

How to Acquire: As soon as you exit the Droog village you will notice a Droog warrior fighting with a Green Drake. Help him to kill the Drake and talk to him afterwards. He is called Crusader Goquua (see screenshot) and he will ask you to slay the ancient Dragon before the Seck can free him from the Dragon's Rathe.

How to Complete: On your way to castle Ehb you will come to a crossing. From there follow the path to Dragon's Rathe (see signs for directions) and it will lead you to a cave entrance. Inside you will have to fight the Ancient Dragon called Scorch. Process with caution and be prepared because the dragon is really a tough one and has a huge amount of hit points (20 000+). Defeating him completes the quest.

Search for the King
Quest: Search for the King

How to Acquire: At some point on your way to Castle Ehb you will meet Lord Bolingar. He will inform you that the King has gone missing for some time now and you much search for him and secure the castle from the Seck. Lord Bolingar can also join your party, he is a Knight.

How to Complete: Once in the castle you will have to reach the top and then by using the elevator there go down to the secret areas of the castle where are actually more like a dungeon or prison. In one of the rooms down there you will find the imprisoned King. Once you talk with the King this quest will be complete and the King you will give you your finals tasks. Keep in mind that you will face the Seck all the way from now on and they can really cause trouble if you let them attack all together.