Chapter One (Stonebridge)
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Clear Edgaar's Basement
Quest: Clear Edgaar's Basement

How to Acquire: On your way to Stonebridge you will come upon two isolated houses. The second is the house of Edgaar. Inside the house you will find Edgaar himself. Talk to him to obtain this quest. He needs his basement to be cleaned from the Krugs and in return you can keep anything you can find down there.

How to Complete: Get out of the house and use the trapdoor to reach the basement. Once in his basement kill all the krugs that dwell there. At the lower level of the basement you will find a few more krugs led by Brankar the Scavenger. After killing Brankar and his Krugs you will complete this quest. If you return to Edgaar he will also reward you with a Small Mana Potion and a Small Health Potion.

Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge
Quest: Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge

How to Acquire: As soon as you start the game an old man will come running at you. He is called Norick. He will give you this quest, to search for Gyorn at Stonebridge, and die soon after. On your way to Stonebridge you will meet Skartis, a fellow near a broken bridge by the river a little way before the Crypts of the Sacred Blood. He will inform you that the path through the bridge that once led to Stonebridge is no more since the Krugs have torched the bridge down. You must find another route to Stonebridge which it's directly through the Crypts of the Sacred Blood.

How to Complete: Talk to Gyorn as soon as you get to Stonebridge to complete this quest. He is located just near the entrance of the town.