Dungeon Siege Features
Dungeon Siege combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and non-stop action. The game plunges you into a continuous 3-D fantasy world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed. You begin as a humble farmer, and as you travel through the world and gain new skills, you can gather a party of up to eight characters to aid you.

Key Features:
  • Intense combat, "Dungeon Siege" style - "Dungeon Siege" pushes the envelope of role-playing games with fully animated 3-D characters, over-the-top battles, intense special effects and awe-inspiring vertical landscapes. With true 3-D environments, an advanced particle system for spells and dungeons that can extend in three dimensions, "Dungeon Siege" keeps the player focused on the action by providing tools that simplify party combat and management with a broad array of familiar game controls such as drag select, way points and formations.

  • Adventure on a new scale - Players can customize their party to include up to eight characters. There are no rules or restrictions, and the player can have any combination of fighters, archers and magic users. Characters join your party as they journey throughout the world - some are hired, others are rescued, and some are brought back from beyond the grave. Lead your party into epic battles against a range of enemies - from marauding hordes to monsters of a scale never before seen in a fantasy role-playing game.

  • Breaking the rules in the name of "action" - "Dungeon Siege" is engaging yet easy to understand, action-packed yet easy to control, deep and involving yet quick to learn. The skill-based character system plunges you almost immediately into the action, where your skills develop real-time. If treasure is more your focus, grab a pack mule or two. Never again worry about passing on that armor you found because you didn't have enough space.

  • Full multiplayer support - "Dungeon Siege" will support up to eight players via a local area network (LAN) or through the built-in matchmaking server available inside the game. You can take part in both "short game" multiplayer experiences such as ‘capture the castle' and the more traditional "campaign" style of play.

  • Immersive, continuous, fully 3-D environment - The setting of "Dungeon Siege" is one gigantic, continuous world where you can seamlessly journey from the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon without ever having to see a loading screen. Discovering fantastic locations to explore - strange and mysterious dungeons, enormous castles and secret underground lairs - you become immersed in the fantasy of the surrounding world.

  • More than just a game - also a gaming platform - The proprietary Siege Editor in "Dungeon Siege" gives you the freedom to rework nearly every aspect of the game, making "Dungeon Siege" not only a game, but also a role-playing platform for those who want to create their own characters, spells, dungeons - even entire worlds. You can post these user-created files to the Web, making them available for anyone to download and explore, or play as a multiplayer game.

In addition to the above features, Legends of Aranna adds the following:
  • Improved Control Groups - Increase the effectiveness of your party (mages in particular) by using the improved control groups. In addition to switching among ten different slot combinations for your party, you can now use the control groups to switch instantly among ten different spells, even if the spells aren't active.

  • Localized Attacks - Avoid accidentally running into the clutches of a horrid beast by holding down the SHIFT key when you attack. This causes your characters to target the monster closest to the area where you click (a localized attack). When no monsters are around, holding down the SHIFT key will order your characters to break open the nearest treasure chests.

  • Multiplayer Save - Experience improved group gameplay. Now each time you exit a multiplayer game, the journal state of your character will be saved. Play through with friends and complete all the quests together!

  • Overhead Map - Fully appreciate the epic scale of your adventures with the new Overhead Map. As you travel through the world, quests, locations and region names appear on the map.

  • Off-Screen Attack Warning - Remain alert to the status of fellow party members through the new off-screen attack warning. If a party member is under attack out of your view, their Character Portrait will flash orange, alerting you to rally to their aid.

  • Group Awareness - Watch properly equipped party members rush to each other's aid. Characters you have not ordered to hold their ground will run to help if their fellow party members come under attack.

  • Transformation Spells - Cast new Orb spells, which create powerful magical orbs that revolve around you and automatically target nearby enemies, thereby leaving your hands free for melee combat, ranged combat, or additional spell casting.

  • Unsummon and Untransform Buttons - Cancel Combat spells for better control. If you are about to head into battle and your Summon or Transformation spell is getting close to expiring, use the Unsummon Monster or Untransform buttons, located in the Field Commands, to negate the spell. Recast the spell and enter battle at full strength.

  • Orb Spells - Cast new Orb spells, which create powerful magical orbs that revolve around you and automatically target nearby enemies, thereby leaving your hands free for melee combat, ranged combat, or additional spell casting.

  • Glyph Traps - Experience the satisfaction of killing monsters with the new Glyph spells. Place five to ten Glyphs on the ground to create a lethal trap, and then lure monsters to their doom.

  • Treasure Sets - Discover pieces of rare "item sets." Composed of three to five pieces of weapons, armor, or other equipment, each of these related magical items is powerful in its own right, but when combined, they are endowed with additional bonuses.

  • Tragg - Utilize the tragg, a new pack animal that delivers powerful attacks and can carry almost as much loot as a packmule. Traggs rapidly become attached to their owners and will rush into battle to gore any monster that threatens the party. And unlike packmules, you can order traggs to attack enemies.

  • Redistributable Potions - Click the Redistribute Potions button at the bottom left of the screen, or press the R key, to give all party members their fair share of the party's potions. Mages get all of the mana potions and melee warriors get more health potions.

  • Imbued Items - Keep an eye open for "imbued" items, armor, and weapons. These special objects buff party members and significantly increase their prowess in battle.

  • Backpacks - Increase the load each character can carry by using new backpacks. Each character is limited to one backpack. Right click your backpack to open it. You can also drop an item directly onto a closed backpack to stash the item away. If your main Inventory has no room, items you pick up off the ground will automatically go into the backpack, if there is room there.

  • Sell All - Quickly convert all unequipped loot to gold with the new Sell All button.