Chapter Four (The Warding Staff)
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Merik's Staff
Quest: Merik's Staff

How to Acquire: Once you free Merik from his ice prison he will inform you that you will need to retrieve his warding staff before it falls into the wrong hands.

How to Complete: After getting out of the vast areas of the eastern swamp you will find your self deep into an underground compound full of strange machines and creatures. This is actually the Goblin's Lair and the place where you will find Merik's Staff. But you have to fight several battles before you reach the last area and the area where the Staff can be found. The only problem is that you first have to defeat a huge and lethal final robot which is actually a goblin in a large Robo Suit. Once the Huge Robot is destroyed grab the Staff from the nearby booth to complete the quest.

Confront the Bandit Boss
Quest: Confront the Bandit Boss

How to Acquire: After traveling through the Alpine Caverns and through the Black Forest you will finally reach the Travelers Camp. There talk with Razvan whom can be found inside one of the tents. He will let you know that since the legions of the Empire withdrawn from the region they have been constantly attacked by bandits. This is where you fit in, you have to pursue that bandits and confront their boss in order for the bandit raids to stop.

How to Complete: Exit the Travelers Camp and continue on the dimmed path along. At some point you will reach a crossroad, from there follow the path to your right and you will reach a cave entrance. Inside you will find several bandits along with the bandit boss. Once again all you have to do is to defeat the Bandit Boss and the quest will be completed.

Purify the Temple
Quest: Purify the Temple

How to Acquire: Just when you reach the eastern swamp, you will find an injured man that lays near the bridge there under the sign that shows the way to Bonepickers Port. The injured man is an Azunite Scholar and he will beg you to purify his temple from the undead creatures that now defile the temple. He will also give you an Azunite Artifact which you need to clear the temple.

How to Complete: The Azunite Temple in located deep into the eastern swamp surrounded by a cemetery. Once you reach it, be prepared to fight a large number of undead creatures that are now residents there. You have to reach the inside of the temple and place the Azunite Artifact onto the altar, but first you will have to defeat the Guardian, a wretched zombie, that guards the temple.