Chapter Five (An Ancient Evil)
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Missing Treasure Hunters
Quest: Missing Treasure Hunters

How to Acquire: When you exit the goblin lair the path will lead you to a small settlement which is nothing else than the Bonepickers Post. There are a couple of houses there. In one of them you will find Gregos. Gregos is willing to handsomely reward you if you find out what happened to some treasure hunters, customers of Thayne, (Thayne is the merchant of the Bonepickers Post) and report back to him.

How to Complete: There are two entries into a small dungeon near the area of Bonepickers Post. One is an abandon house and the other is a set stairs that leads down to the dungeon. No matter which entrance you choose you will eventually find the bodies of the treasure Hunters Gregos mentioned inside the dungeon. You will notice it from a message from your Journal. Return to Gregos and report your finding to complete the quest and collect your reward.

Reinforce Fortress Kroth
Quest: Reinforce Fortress Kroth

How to Acquire: This is the second quest been given to you from the Overseer, Ibsen Yamas, of Glacern. He will ask you to travel to Fortress Kroth and help the Legionnaires there.

How to Complete: This quest will be updated as soon as you get out of the Goblin Lair and talk with the Legionnaire Guards that reside just near the exit. The quest will be transferred to Chapter 5. You now have to defeat an evil Necromancer called Gresh that is besieging Fortress Kroth. Once you get near to the Fortress you will have to face Gresh the Necromancer himself in a wondrous fight along with his skeleton minions. The quest will be complete as soon as you defeat Gresh.