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Magic User Spells - Level One
Burning Hands

This spell causes 1 HP of fire damage per level of the caster. There is no saving throw.

Charm Person

This spell changes the target's allegiance in combat. It only affects targets of roughly human size and shape.

Detect Magic

This spell indicates which equipment or treasure is magical when viewing a character's items or when taking treasure items. Equipment preceded by an asterisk (*) is magical.


This spell makes the target larger and stronger. The higher the caster's level, the larger and stronger the target gets. A target can only be under the effect of one "enlarge" spell at a time. Unwilling targets get a saving throw against this effect.

Our Comment: "Enlarge" should be one of your primary buffing spells. With a 10th level magic user, it changes the target's strength to 22. After you pick up the ring of wizardry (which doubles the number of level 1-3 spells you can memorize) you should memorize one "enlarge" spell for each of your melee fighters.


This spell raises the caster's charisma 2-8 points.

Magic Missile

This spell does 2-5 HP of damage per missile with no saving throw. Magic users throw an extra missile every two levels, culminating with six missiles at level 11.

Our Comment: So at level 11, "magic missile" does an average of 21 HP of damage. That's not bad from a level one spell, and so you should memorize it in whatever slots you have available after memorizing the "enlarge" spell.

Protection from Evil

This spell improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2 against evil attackers.

Protection from Good

This spell improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2 against good attackers.

Read Magic

This spell allows the caster to ready a scroll and identify it.

Our Comment: If you identify the scroll in a shop, then you don't need to "read magic" on it.


This spell negates the "magic missile" spell, improves the caster's saving throws, and increases the caster's AC.

Shocking Grasp

This spell does 1-8 HP of electrical damage plus 1 HP of electrical damage per level of the caster.


This spell puts 1-16 targets (in a 4x4 area) to sleep with no saving throw. Up to sixteen 1 hit-die targets are affected. One 4 hit-die target is affected. Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.

Our Comment: We're not altogether sure what that description means, but the translation of the last line seems to be: "This spell won't put anything to sleep in Curse of the Azure Bonds." Don't bother memorizing it.


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