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Cleric Spells - Level Two
Find Traps

This spell indicates the presence of traps in the character's path.

Hold Person

This spell paralyzes targets of roughly human shape and size. You may aim the spell at up to three targets.

Our Comment: The "hold person" spell was very useful in Pool of Radiance, but it's not so useful in Curse of the Azure Bonds, since enemies will usually save against it. But it's still worthwhile to memorize, since if it does work, it'll make the target helpless and allow you to kill it in one hit.

Resist Fire

This spell halves the damage and improves saving throws versus fire attacks by 3.

Silence, 15' Radius

This spell must be cast on a character or a monster. That character or monster, and all adjacent to him, cannot cast spells for the duration of the spell.

Our Comment: This is the spell to use when you want to disable enemy spellcasters, which you'll need to do quite a bit in the game. As far as we've seen, the spell never fails.

Slow Poison

This spell revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell. The character dies when the spell wears off.

Snake Charm

This spell paralyzes as many HP of snakes as the cleric has HP.

Our Comment: There aren't any snakes in the game, so don't bother memorizing this spell.

Spiritual Hammer

This spell creates a temporary magic hammer that is automatically readied. It can strike at range and does normal hammer damage.


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