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Cleric Spells - Level Five
Cause Critical Wounds

This spell causes 6-27 HP of damage. The target does not get a saving throw.

Cure Critical Wounds

This spell heals 6-27 HP.

Dispel Evil

This spell improves the target's AC by 7 versus summoned evil creatures for the duration of the spell or until the target successfully hits a summoned evil creature. When the creature is hit, it must save versus spells or be dispelled.

Flame Strike

This spell does 6-48 HP of damage to the target. If the target makes its save versus magic, it takes half damage.

Raise Dead

This spell allows the cleric to return any non-elf player character back to life.

Slay Living

This spell causes the target to save versus death or die. If the target makes the saving throw, he still takes 3-17 HP of damage.


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