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Release Date :
February 10th, 2011
Platforms :
Genre :
Role-Playing, Strategy
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ESRB Rating :
ESRB Descriptors :
Blood, Violence

Game Description

Dungeons follows the misadventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lords, who spends his time luring heroes into his labyrinthine creations with the promise of treasure and a good fight -- only to be trapped by his ingenious devices.

In Dungeons, our protagonist falls victim to a devious plot hatched by his vile, nasty and thoroughly vicious ex-girlfriend and finds himself at the bottom of the underworld hierarchy and the top of the dungeon pile. In his world, that is about as bad as it can get. Our lord must have his revenge, and make his way back down the dungeon levels to his rightful place -- but first he must deal with his new bosses, the three despicable Dungeon Lords who stand in his way.

At his disposal are his dim-witted goblin minions who dig tunnels and build rooms to lay out his lair and trap ever stronger and braver heroes who dare to enter, not forgetting to plot his revenge against his ex-girlfriend and his new bosses who think it’s great fun to bombard him with useless tasks. It goes without saying that a malicious and sneaky creature such as our Dungeon Lord has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Revenge will be sweet indeed.

• A new take on "tower defense" - waves of heroes will invade your dungeons - it's up to you to entertain, then capture these foolish interlopers and steal their soul energy
• Show off your skills - use hundreds of objects to craft a dungeon that shows off your skills and style, while attracting heroes to their doom
• Command thy minions - wimpy goblins, clattering skeletons and a huge variety of other creatures await your bidding - be it digging out a room, guarding treasure or stalking unwary invaders
• Variety is the spice of (undead) life - 15 monster types, 10 hero classes and 20 challenging campaign scenarios and a custom level editor combine to create near-endless replay
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