Watcher's Keep 2 (AR3016)

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1 - Imprisoned Demon

When you reach the second floor, you will find yourself in dialogue with a Chromatic Demon that has been imprisoned in a cell here on the second floor. The demon will tell you that the surrounding rooms are the past domains of four wizards: Fire, Air, Slime, and Ice. Contained in each of their rooms are scepters that will free the Chromatic Demon, after which the demon claims he will help you to reach the third floor.

There are two portals in this room - the one on the left leads out to the Watcher's Keep perimeter and the one on the right leads to the third level of Watcher's Keep. The left portal is available right away and is handy for stocking up on any items you run out of and for selling loot before moving further into the dungeon. The right portal will not allow you entrance until you've released the Chromatic Demon from its cell.

When you bring back the scepters and release the Chromatic Demon, however, the creature will attack your party. Remember:

  • Fire vs. Ice
  • Ice vs. Fire
  • Lightning vs. Slime
  • Acid & Poison vs. Air
If your party is well rested and has all of their spells readied, you should be able to dispatch the demon fairly easily. When the creature finally falls, grab the Portal Key, Ixil's Spike, and Circlet of Netheril (which can be upgraded to a more powerful version) from its corpse, then head through the right portal to continue further into Watcher's Keep.

2 - Fire Library

Two Fire Giants await your party here in the Fire Library. Try and fight them one at a time in the doorway to avoid taking much melee damage. Apparently the former wizard felt a need to install nasty traps in the room, so be careful where you step and start detecting for them after you've liberated the room.

There are several lootable areas in this room, so you'll probably want to use the TAB key to catch them all. Up for grabs are various gems, some gold, a Wand of Cursing, and several stacks of magical arrows, bolts, bullets, and darts. You should also find a note that discusses the weakness ice has to fire and a clue for Lum's machine on the fourth floor of Watcher's Keep.

Finally, you can speak to an Imp in between areas #2 and #3 to find out more about the history of this level, as well as the location of the fan at area #3.

3 - Air Chamber & Magical Fan

This area contains the magical fan mentioned by the imp in the previous hallway. You'll need to flip the switch in the center of the room to turn it on, but you may want to only send one quick character. As soon as the fan is activated, several Air Elementals and a Guardian of Air will materialize and attack your party.

If you're using a single character, pull the Elementals back to your party to make the battle much easier. If you fight them in the room, you'll have to deal with bolts of lightning that are shot out from the fan. These bolts of lightning cease once you have activated the fan to its highest setting, though, but you cannot change the setting until you've secured the Air Scepter from the corpse of one of the elementals.

4 - Air Library

An assortment of Ice, Sand, and Iron Golems attack you party in the Air Library. Although they look intimidating, your party shouldn't have too much trouble dispatching them. Once again, be on the lookout for traps, as there is a nasty lightning one toward the center of the room.

Ransack the bookshelves and table to find even more magical arrows, bullets, and other ammunition, as well as the another note that claims slime is susceptible to lightning.

5 - Slime Chamber

This room continually generates Green Slimes, but they're easy to dispatch and are more of an annoyance as you battle the Poison Mists and Giant Snake. To make matters worse, the room is filled with a noxious cloud, so try and fight in the hall toward the Air Library to avoid choking on it. The serpent has a mean poison, so make sure you have access to an Antidote or Neutralize Poison spell before going into the room.

Once the serpent has been slain, grab the Slime Scepter from its corpse, then check the center pool for five Antidotes (in case you didn't bring any with you) and the Poison Flail Head needed to forge the Flail of Ages +3.

6 - Slime Library

Disarm the nasty traps as you enter this library, then make short work of the Mutated and Vortex Spiders that call this room home. Once the room is clear, search the area to uncover another clue explaining that Acid and Poison are effective against Air, as well as some more magical ammunition.

If you have cleared areas #2, #3, #4, and #5 already, then you should be able to open all doors leading to area #7 and turn the fan on its highest setting back in area #3. This will cause the poisonous cloud from area #5 to be blown into area #7, which will make the battle there much easier.

7 - Ice Chamber

Ice Mists and an Ice Golem await you in this chamber, but you can make the battle much easier by using the fan at area #3 to blow the noxious gas from area #5 into here first. The extreme cold will cause your party to move much slower in this area, so you'll probably want to use the noxious gas trick to give yourself an advantage.

Once you've taken care of all the resistance in the room, look the Ice Scepter and horn from the golem's corpse. You'll need this right horn to forge the more powerful version of the Helm of the Rock and the scepter to access the final areas.

8 - Ice Library

This fourth library is much like the others, providing your party with another nasty battle (this time with level-draining Vampiric Wraiths and a Wandering Horror) and a couple more damaging traps to disarm. Once you've rid the room of all danger, loot all the containers to find more magical ammunition, the left horn needed to forge the more powerful version of the Helm of the Rock, a Wand of Spell Striking, a note detailing Fire's susceptability to Ice, and a clue for Lum's machine on the fourth floor of Watcher's Keep.

9 - Fire Chamber

When you enter this room, don't even bother attacking the Fire Giant. He cannot be damaged until you've killed four of the Greater Fire Elementals that spawn from the center lava pool. However, you can't simply attack the elementals either (well, you can, but it won't do you any good).

In order to permanently defeat all four Greater Fire Elementals, you must lead each one down to area #7. As soon as the elemental enters the Ice Chamber, it will freeze and shatter. Once all four elementals have been defeated this way, the Fire Giant will become suscpetible to your attacks. Hack it down, then grab the Fire Scepter and Helm of the Rock from its corpse. Keep in mind that this is just the regular version of the helmet. If you bring the horns from areas #7 and #8 and the regular helmet to Cespenar in the Abyssal Fortress, he can forge you a more powerful version of the Helm of the Rock.

At this point, you're ready to return to the Chromatic Demon at area #1. Search the lava pool to uncover three Potions of Fire Resistance, then exit the room whichever way you'd like.