Siege Camp (AR5203)

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1 - Arrival

If you arrive here after returning Yaga's heart to Nyalee, you will be shown a short cinematic when entering the siege camp demonstrating that Saradush has been overrun by the army. If you come here earlier, the dialogue with Yaga-Shura is a little different and you cannot actually harm him.

2 - Citizens

Several citizens.

3 - Yaga-Shura

Yaga-Shura awaits you here, with members of his army (Soldiers and Fire Giants) spawning all around him. Once he realizes that he can be damaged, he retreats briefly, only to return with Battle Mages and Clerics to finish the job.

Once you've taken him down, you'll find that Yaga carries some impressive equipment, such as the Runehammer +4. Before you get to loot it, however, you are visited by Melissan who directs you toward the Oasis.