Forest of Mir (AR5202)

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1 - Entrance

Entrance to the Forest of Mir.

2 - False Gorion

A Master Wraith disguised as Gorion confronts you before you can enter the former Temple of Bhaal. It toys with you for awhile and then summons some comrades (Wraiths, Devil Shades, Swamp Horrors) to attack. Be careful during this battle, as the Master Wraith can drain levels and will cast Confusion on your characters.

3 - Skeletal Assault

Another encounter with the now undead Bhaal worshippers. The Skeletal Clerics can cast, the Skeletal Mage throws poisoned darts, and the Skeletal Assassin drinks Invisibility potions and backstabs (an impressive feat for one with no stomach).

4 - Nyalee

Nyalee rests here, heartless. She sends you on a quest to retrieve the hearts of her and her adopted son so that she can end Yaga-Shura's invincibility. When you retrieve both hearts, she finishes the ceremony, making Yaga-Shura vulnerable. However, she'll then have a change of heart (no pun intended...) and turn on you, summoning some evil forest denizens (including Shambling Mounds) to kill you.

5 - Nymph's Tear

Search this area to uncover some Bullets +3 and the Nymph's Tear needed to construct the Heartwood Ring at the Abyssal Fortress.