The Oasis (AR6300)

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1 - Jamis Torbelthen

You will first enter the Oasis via the western side, right here. Just after you zone in, a man named Jamis Torbelthen will confront you and charge you with the crime of destroying Saradush. No matter how much you plead your innocence, you will be attacked by Jamis and a regime of his men. This is a tough battle, and even after you kill Jamis, archers and pikemen will continue to attack you as you make your way to area #3. Be sure to loot Jamis' corpse before going too far, though, as he carries The Answerer +4 long sword.

2 - Oasis Tents

Once you've dispatched the mercenaries in the area, search these supply tents to find a Bounty Notice that offers a reward for your head, as well as a nice amount of gold and a King's Tear gemstone. The King's Tear will come in handy for forging items back in the Abyssal Fortress.

3 - Exit

This exit will bring you to the world map, allowing you access to Amkethran.