Priest(ess) of Lathander
I am Runnel, halfling priestess doing the work of the Morning Lord. On my arrival at the temple I was called upon to investigate the cult of the Unseeing Eye. Having sorted out that affair, I was sent to procure the services of the fine artiste Sarles for the Church. I would not presume to question the decisions of my superiors, but it would seem to me that said Sarles might not be all his reputation would have him be...anyway, as a reward for my services I was awarded a position of some importance in the Church hierarchy. I was also given the use of all areas and containers within the temple.

In my new capacity I was to give advice to a number of troubled acolytes. One had domestic trouble, one had doubts about her faith, another had won a fair duel but still felt guilt and, lastly, one ambitious and rather arrogant wizard felt I had been unjustly promoted before him. I promptly offered to relinquish my position to him. Although my offer would not soothe his ruffled male pride ( swine... ), it still must have been the right thing to do, because the Church authorities intervened on my behalf and the wizard was taken away, no longer deemed worthy of service to the Morning Lord. Praise be!

My last act of service to my church was not of my own choosing, and one which troubles me to this day. The Dawnmaster had divined that our arch enemies, the followers of the Church of Talos, were planning an open attack on our church. I was ordered to nip this evil plot in the bud by way of a clandestine attack on their temple. I did as asked, entering the Tallassian domains in the dark of night, killing all Stormknights on duty. Mistress Ada was slain in bed, never knowing the true nature of her fate. I was duly thanked on my return to Lathanderīs domain. The Dawnmaster expressed his sympathies regarding my moral qualms over the deed done, although I secretly doubt his sincerity. Still, I was subsequently freed of further service and allowed to go about mine own business.

This concludes my account of the Priestess of Lathander stronghold quest. Oh yes, there was some object offered by way of reward, an amulet of some sort, but that is as far as memory will serve. My mind frequently wanders to loftier thoughts...