Quest: The Dice Are Cast

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Milka will give you this quest the first time that you talk to her in the Hairy Bear Inn (#1).


This is a dice poker quest, but it's not like the dice poker quest in the OC. Instead of just beating opponents, you'll need to "fleece" them (that is, beat them out of all of their money). Since dice poker is much tougher in the Enhanced Edition, this quest can be pretty tedious, because you'll have to do a lot of saving and loading to get through it.

Once you've fleeced Milka, she'll make you a proposition: if you can also fleece Sergeant Orel (at a nearby table) and Hargis Gunn (#2), then she'll "reveal to you a certain mystery." You'll probably have to beat Orel and Gunn a couple of times each to take all of their money.

Once you've fleeced Orel and Gunn, when you return to Milka, she'll tell you that she knows of a place where "rich burghers from the Trade Quarter convene secretly to cast a few hands," and she'll give you the key to their gambling den (#3). She'll also give you a scroll containing the formula for Perfume.

At the gambling den, if you go through the door in the basement, then you'll enter an adjacent building where you'll find three wealthy townsmen. If you fleece all three of them, then you'll complete the quest, but you won't get any particular reward, other than the orens you received from your winnings.

1 - Hairy Bear Inn

2 - Gunn's Smithy

3 - Gambling Den