Quest: Superstitions

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You'll receive this quest from Milka at the Hairy Bear Inn (#1) when you ask her if something is bothering her.


Milka will tell you that she won a house in a game of dice poker, but that she fears that the house is haunted. When you offer to help, she'll agree -- but only if you bring her a turquoise ring. You can get such a ring from the merchant's house (#2) and also from Everden (#3) during the Exhibits quest.

When you give the ring to Milka, she'll give you the key to the house (#4). Inside the house you'll encounter a pair of wraiths, but you'll also find a Lara Dorren pendant, some jewelry, and over 250 orens. You can use the pendant in the Exhibits quest.

1 - Hairy Bear Inn

2 - Merchant's House

3 - Everden's Mansion

4 - Haunted House