Adventure: Side Effects

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In this adventure you'll need to help out Dandelion by earning 2000 orens to pay off his debt to Glover (#7). There are many ways to accomplish this, from selling items (#4, #15) to playing dice poker (#3, #12, #13) to fist fighting (#1, #12) to drinking (#12). You can even rob people (#5) and complete minor quests (#10, #12).

Once you've earned enough money, when you go to see Glover, he'll demand 1000 extra orens from you as interest. If you decide to pay him, then that's all you'll need to do. If you decide not to pay him, then Glover's men will attack you, and then you'll need to attack Glover and his wyverns in the basement. These can be tough battles, so it's a good idea to save potions and weapon oils just for them.

But regardless, no matter how you choose to deal with Glover, the adventure will end in about the same way (Glover's wyverns will kill him if you don't), and you and Dandelion will hastily vacate the city.

Note: When you start out, you'll only be level 5, but you'll know most of the bronze abilities. You won't gain any levels, so you'll need to be careful whre you spend your two available bronze talents. We'd recommend choosing Herbalism (so you can harvest and sell herbs during the adventure) and Monster Lore (to make a couple of extra ingredients available). Fistfight (to make fist fighting easier) and Oil Preparation (so you can create oils) are also options.

Another Note: This adventure takes place a year after Geralt first cured Adda of being a striga, but before the events of the OC. So Geralt still has his memory, and Vizima has yet to see the likes of the Salamandra, the Flaming Order, and the Scoia'tael. But you'll see some hints here and there for how those organizations came into being.

1 - Prison

This is where you'll start out in the adventure. You'll meet Dandelion and Ralf Duben inside. Outside of the prison you'll find some notices on the notice board, but unlike the contracts in the OC they won't trigger any quests. They'll just give you some hints about where you can earn money.

After defeating the fist fighting opponents in the Hairy Bear Inn (#12), if you come to the prison at night you'll find three new opponents to fight. This is covered in the quest entry for Fists of Gold.

2 - Abandoned House

The house is involved in the quest Superstitions.

3 - Gambling Den

The gambling den starts out locked. You'll need to progress through the quest The Dice Are Cast to get the key. Inside you'll find a bunch of strong alcohol and three dice poker opponents.

4 - Temple of Melitele

You'll meet Nirka inside the temple. She'll give you the quest "Herbs for a Deity," but it's not really a quest (or at least we've never completed it). It's just a notice that Nirka will purchase certain plants from you.

You'll also find an Altar of Melitele in the temple. If you offer it food items, then it will give you mistletoe in return.

5 - Merchant's House

You might notice three dogs resting outside of the merchant's house. When you click on the door to the house, the dogs will perk up and start growling at you. If you insult them, then they'll attack. If you give them a delicious pot roast, which you can get from Griffarin (#12) and Everden (#15), then they'll let you pass. The battle with the dogs can be tough, but it's possible that they'll attack you at night no matter what you decide to do (even if you decide to ignore them completely), and so you might as well fight them

Inside the house you'll find a turquoise ring, 250 orens, and more. You'll need a turquoise ring for the quest Superstitions.

6 - Sewer Entrance

You won't be able to enter the sewer right away. First you'll need to beat Sergeant Orel (#12) in the drinking game.

The sewer is mostly a place for combat and herb gathering. It's not involved in any quests. While you're there you'll encounter fleders, drowners and drowned dead, and you'll find fool's parsley, green mold, and sewant mushrooms. You'll also uncover books informing you about celandine, fool's parsley, vampire oil, and wraiths

7 - Glover's House

When you talk to Glover in his house, he'll give you your main quest for the adventure, "A Debt," where you'll need to come up with 2000 orens to pay off Dandelion's debt. You'll automatically accept the quest -- "call it a side effect of having friends."

When you leave Glover's house the first time, you'll run into Hargis Gunn, who will give you the quest The Band of Brethren.

8 - Eager Thighs Brothel

Despite being labeled as a brothel on your map, you won't find anything interesting inside, other than some red roses in a cabinet.

9 - Rivians

You'll meet two Rivians here. Despite being your countrymen, they won't say anything useful to you. Later, if you throw a fight for the Rivian in the prison (#1), he'll appear here as well, but still nothing interesting will happen.

10 - Slums District

You'll encounter Drevin wandering around the Slums District. He'll give you the quest A Mysterious Treasure. You can also meet some hookers in the Slums District (and elsewhere). If you give them a gem or perfume, or if you pay them 250 orens, then they'll sleep with you, but they'll just re-use the prostitute sex card from the OC.

11 - Warehouse

The warehouse starts out locked. You'll get the key for it during the quest A Mysterious Treasure.

12 - Hairy Bear Inn

You'll meet several people of interest inside the inn:
  • Fist Fighters. You'll need to beat the three green-named fist fighters (the fist fighter, the experienced fist fighter, and Gruzil) for the quest Fists of Gold. You'll also need to defeat Gruzil for the quest The Band of Brethren. When you do, he'll give you some buttermilk.

  • Griffarin. Griffarin is the innkeeper and also one of The Band of Brethren. If you beat him in the drinking game, then he'll give you a delicious pot roast, which you can use to get into the merchant's house (#5).

  • Jeremiah Trick. Trick is one of Glover's men, but he's not involved in any quests. However, you can talk to him, and the conversation will give you some insight into the OC. That's because Trick is a young Ramsmeat, and your comments will convince him to change his name. "Jeremiah Trick sounds like something you sweep under the rug."

  • Milka. When you talk to Milka, she'll give you the quest The Dice Are Cast. If you ask her if something is bothering her, then she'll also give you the quest Superstitions.

  • Sergeant Orel. If you beat Orel in the drinking game, then he'll decide that you're "my one and only friend," and he'll give you the key to the sewers (#6) as well as a traveler's diary. You can take the diary to Everden (#15) as part of the quest Exhibits. Orel is also involved in the quest The Dice Are Cast.

  • Wino. If you beat the wino in the drinking game, then he'll give you 60 orens.
Also, in a jewelry box, you can pick up a book about hellebore petals.

Note: Before playing the drinking games, it's a good idea to explore the quarter. You'll find lots of booze in the various containers and houses.

Outside of the inn, you'll find a notice board with a few notices on it. But like the notice board outside of the prison (#1), none of the notices here will trigger any quests, and most of them will be repeats of the ones from the prison notice board.

13 - Gunn's Smithy

You'll first meet Hargis Gunn in front of Glover's house (#7), but then he'll move here. Gunn is a weapon merchant, and he's also involved in the quests The Band of Brethren and The Dice Are Cast.

14 - Gunn's Storeroom

You'll meet Lorethiel here. She won't say much when you first meet her, but later you'll learn that she has the key to the cemetery (#17) and you'll be able to get it from her. See the quest entry for Open Sesame for details. Lorethial will also ask you to choose sides between the humans and non-humans (and mention Yaevinn in passing), but your response won't affect anything.

15 - Everden's Mansion

Everden is a shopkeeper, an alchemist, and a museum curator. He'll give you the quest Exhibits. Everden will also offer to buy monster parts from you. This will trigger the quest "A Sponsor," but from what we can tell it's not really a quest (or at least we were never able to complete it). It's really just a notice of what Everden will buy.

You can also find books on crinfrid oil and green mold inside the mansion.

16 - Navik

Navik is involved in the quest The Band of Brethren. He can also trigger the quest Open Sesame.

17 - Cemetery Gate

Inside the cemetery you'll encounter ghouls, alghouls and wraiths, and you'll be able to harvest bryonia, celandine and hellebore petals. You'll also find books detailing sewant mushrooms and the drowned dead.

18 - Place of Power

You might need to visit this place of power during the quest The Band of Brethren.