Quest: A Mysterious Treasure

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You'll receive this quest from Drevin in the Slums District (#1).


Drevin will tell you that he has a terrible hangover, and that if you bring him some buttermilk, then he'll "show you something." You can get buttermilk from Gruzil (#2) and Everden (#3) by completing their quests.

When you bring the buttermilk to Drevin, he'll give you a key to a nearby warehouse "where mages once stored their artifacts" (#4). Inside the warehouse you'll find a Wayfarer's Stone, which you can activate by casting Aard, Aard, Aard on it. The Wayfarer's Stone will teleport you to a part of the sewers where you'll encounter three wraiths but also find a trunk containing diamond dust, the Tipperath sephirah, and over 100 orens. You can take the sephirah to Everden (#3) as part of the quest Exhibits.

1 - Slums District

2 - Hairy Bear Inn

3 - Everden's Mansion

4 - Warehouse