Quest: The Band of Brethren

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You'll receive this quest from Gunn Hargis (#4) the first time that you leave Glover's House (#1).


Gunn will tell you how he and his Band of Brethren once stole a magic stone, and how one of the band, a scribe named Kuna, used it to create a portal but then never returned after stepping through it. Gunn will speculate that the stone might lead to an elven treasure, and he'll make you a deal: if you can prove yourself worthy of the band, then they'll let you have stone and any treasures it might lead to, provided that you also see if you can find Kuna.

Here's what you'll need to do to prove yourself worthy:
  • Griffarin (#2). You'll need to beat Griffarin in the drinking game. When you do, he'll give you a delicious pot roast, which you can use to enter the merchant's house (#7).

  • Gruzil (#2). You'll need to beat Gruzil in fist fighting. When you do, he'll give you some buttermilk, which you can use in the quest A Mysterious Treasure.

  • Navik (#3). You'll need to beat Navik in dice poker. When you do, he'll give you a mage's cane, which you can use in the quest Exhibits.

  • Gunn. You'll need to beat Gunn in a swordfight. When you do, he'll give you the magic stone and tell you that you can activate it at the place of power in the cemetery (#7).
To get into the cemetery, you'll need to get the key from Lorethiel (#5). This is covered in the quest Open Sesame. Inside the cemetery, you'll find the place of power inside the chapel ruins (#7). When you click on it, you'll be teleported to the sewers, where you'll encounter three wraiths but also find a trunk containing a vodon rune stone, a book about hellebore petals, an Uroboros amulet, over 150 orens, and more. You can use the amulet in the Exhibits quest. You won't find any trace of Kuna (he's probably one of the wraiths).

If you can't get inside the cemetery, or if you just don't want to deal with it, then you can also sell the magic stone to Lorethial for 500 orens.

1 - Glover's House

2 - Hairy Bear Inn

3 - Navik

4 - Gunn's Smithy

5 - Gunn's Storeroom

6 - Merchant's House

7 - Place of Power