Rickenbacker Pod 1 Cyber Modules
When you've reached the Rickenbacker, you're firmly in the endgame, though you won't be locked into it just yet. At this point it's recommended you hold off spending your Cyber Modules until you get to the Rickenbacker Bridge unless you really need to, as you'll have a convenient place to spend them all and a ton available to put the finishing touches on your character.

Objective Rewards
  • Destroyed 1 Black Egg: 2 Cyber Modules
  • Destroyed 6 Black Eggs: 6 Cyber Modules
  • Destroyed 11 Black Eggs: 8 Cyber Modules
  • Destroyed 15 Black Eggs: 8 Cyber Modules
  • Destroyed all 16 Black Eggs: 16 Cyber Modules
  • Used Gravitronic Generator Control console: 20 Cyber Modules
  • Climbed up ladder after solving Missile Bay puzzle: 20 Cyber Modules
Additional Cyber Modules
  • Underneath floor panels in hallway past Missile Bay: 5 Cyber Modules
  • Hidden room accessed by jumping to pipe from ladder near end of Pod 1: 5 Cyber Modules