Body of the Many Cyber Modules
You'll have a few chances to spend your Cyber Modules throughout the Body of the Many, but if you're playing on Normal difficulty, you've probably got so many that you can spend them just about however you wish. The remaining bunch to find are almost a formality.

Objective Rewards
  • N/A
Additional Cyber Modules
  • Inside partially-consumed Rickenbacker deck, on corpse: 10 Cyber Modules
  • On body bag floating underwater near first Nerve Cluster: 10 Cyber Modules
  • On a corpse near second Nerve Cluster: 10 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse inside tunnels leading towards the Sphincter organ: 6 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse inside "Mouth" room, with huge teeth: 5 Cyber Modules
  • Hidden passage on bottom floor of jumping puzzle room: 10 Cyber Modules
  • Rickenbacker wreckage down left path of hub room, in a trash bin: 6 Cyber Modules
  • "Womb" area off of hub room, on a corpse near some Swarm Pods: 10 Cyber Modules
  • Deeper in the "Womb" area, on a corpse beyond some watery tunnels: 10 Cyber Modules