MedSci Deck Cyber Modules
MedSci provides a small number of Cyber Modules in the long run, but it's enough to get you going on your path. Chances are you'll want to specialise early on to get the most out of your Cyber Modules.

Objective Rewards
  • Escaping Cryo Recovery during the opening: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Stepping through the door to the main area of MedSci Science Sector: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Using the charged Power Cell to open the transition to MedSci Medical Sector: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Obtaining the Crew Quarters Access Card: 5 Cyber Modules
  • Obtaining the R&D Access Card: 5 Cyber Modules
  • Stepping through the door to R&D: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Opening the maintenance access door to Engineering: 6 Cyber Modules
Additional Cyber Modules
  • Corpse near the Upgrade Units in Cryo Recovery B: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse near Recharging Station in the Pump Station: 2 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse inside an irradiated medical lab in MedSci Medical: 2 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse in the lower level of the Primate Research room: 2 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse near a Replicator and Upgrade Units, upper level of Crew Quarters: 4 Cyber Modules