Command Deck Cyber Modules
Command Deck marks your approcah to the endgame section, so you'll undoubtedly be finding yourself with more Cyber Modules than you know what to do with. Time to max out those secondard skills and stats, and now might be a good time to invest in Psi if you've until now been avoiding it, as some of the Psi Powers like Electron Cascade begin to show their worth at this point in the game.

Objective Rewards
  • Gained access to main elevator: 20 Cyber Modules
  • Gained access to Von Braun Bridge: 10 Cyber Modules
  • Obtained Operations Override Card: 20 Cyber Modules
  • Activating damaged Shuttle Control Console: 20 Cyber Modules
  • Shuttle Bay 2, corpse in middle of room: 10 Cyber Modules
  • Leaving Shuttle Bay 2 after going against SHODAN's wishes: -10 Cyber Modules
Additional Cyber Modules
  • Sector A, garbage bin near Upgrade Units: 7 Cyber Modules
  • Sector A Tram Station 1, inside garbage bin: 3 Cyber Modules
  • Sector A Tram Station 2, corpse on upper level: 4 Cyber Modules
  • Sector A, behind crate in hallway leading to Command B: 6 Cyber Modules
  • Sector B Lobby, on top of the desk: 5 Cyber Modules
  • Sector B Escape Pod area, hidden on floor behind a bench: 7 Cyber Modules
  • Sector B, on a ledge across from Bio-Reconstruction Device: 6 Cyber Modules
  • Corpse in Sector B bathrooms, women's side: 8 Cyber Modules
  • Sector B Officers' Quarters, locker in a bedroom: 6 Cyber Modules
  • Sector B Bridge, near the Missile Turret: 8 Cyber Modules