Talents: White March Part 1
Acolyte's Radiance

Nuanced faith in the gods has allowed this character to unleash a wave of spiritual energy similar to a priest's Holy Radiance.

Type: Active (1 per rest)

Speed: Fast

Area of Effect: Friendly Target + 5m

Effect (Friendly): +10 Endurance

Effect (Foe): Vessels take 26 Burn damage over 3s, Frightened for 10s vs. Will

Apprentice's Sneak Attack

Allows the character to imitate the brutal, opportunistic strikes of a rogue's Sneak Attack, taking advantage of opponents when they are at their most vulnerable.

Type: Passive

Effect: +15% Damage against Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned, Weakened, Distracted enemies and in the first 2s of combat

Aspirant's Mark

The character has attuned itself to the natural world like a druid and is able to focus its power on an enemy with the effects of the Nature's Mark spell.

Type: Active (2 per rest)

Speed: Fast

Range: 10m

Area of Effect: 2.5m Radius

Effect: -8 Deflection, -8 Reflex vs. Will (+10 Accuracy)

Enigma's Charm

With the power of a fledgling cipher, the character is able to temporarily Charm an opponent. However, it takes time to contact the victim's psyche, meaning it cannot be used at the start of combat.

Type: Active (1 per encounter)

Speed: Slow (requires at least 5s in combat)

Range: 7m

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect: Charmed for 8s vs. Will (+10 Accuracy)

Gallant's Focus

The character's intense beliefs have manifested as an aura with properties similar to a paladin's Zealous Focus.

Type: Modal

Speed: Instant

Aura Range: 2.5m

Effect: +4 Accuracy

Novice's Suffering

The character has learned a portion of the intense pain tolerance and spiritual power that monks possess. Their unarmed attacks do increased damage and gain power as they advance.

Type: Passive

Effect: Increased Unarmed Damage and Unarmed Accuracy

Outlander's Frenzy

Channels power similar to a barbarian's tremendous rage, increasing Attack Speed, Might and Constitution while lowering Deflection and concealing the character's Endurance and Health.

Type: Active (1 per rest)

Speed: Average

Effect: +3 Might, +3 Constitution, +25% Attack Speed, -10 Deflection, Health and Endurance concealed for 12s

Prestidigitator's Missiles

As a hedge wizard, the character has learned how to duplicate the effects of one of the most popular spells in the Eastern Reach: Minoletta's Minor Missiles. Because the character does not use a grimoire as a wizard does, the effect is not quite as powerful.

Type: Active (2 per rest)

Speed: Fast

Range: 15m

Interrupt: 0.05s

Effect: 9-17 Crush/Corrode damage with 3 missiles vs. Deflection (+10 Accuracy)

Rhymer's Summon

This rhyme mimics the chanter's ability to summon skeletons, though it cannot be used until some time has passed in combat and cannot be used frequently.

Type: Active (1 per encounter)

Speed: Average (requires at least 15s in combat)

Range: 10m

Effect: Summons 2 Human Skeletons

Runner's Wounding Shot

Rangers learn where to strike an enemy to inflict debilitating wounds. This technique can be imitated by other characters as a weaker form of Wounding Shot.

Type: Active (1 per encounter)

Speed: Average

Interrupt: 0.5s

Range: 6m

Effect (Foe): Hobbled for 10s vs. Fortitude

Effect (User): Primary attack plus 80% Damage inflicted over time (6s) vs. Deflection

Veteran's Recovery

By adopting the strict discipline of a fighter, the character is able to pace itself in combat, steadily regaining Endurance over time.

Type: Passive

Effect: 1.5 Endurance per 3s