Talents: Cipher
Biting Whip

The cipher's Soul Whip bites deeper, granting a bonus to Damage.

Type: Passive

Effect: x1.2 Damage

Brutal Backlash

The cipher's Psychic Backlash becomes especially traumatic, inflicting a small amount of Raw Damage to the target on a hit.

Type: Passive

Effect: 20 Raw Damage

Draining Whip

Enhances the draining power of the cipher's Soul Whip, regenerating Focus more quickly.

Type: Passive

Effect: +2 Focus on hit

Greater Focus

The cipher has an increased maximum Focus.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 maximum Focus

Psychic Backlash

Invokes a retaliatory strike, Stunning an enemy whenever they target the cipher's Will defense.

Type: Passive (1 per encounter)

Speed: Average

Effect: Stun for 3s vs. Will (-10 Accuracy)