Talents: Defensive
Bear's Fortitude

Increases the character's Fortitude defense.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Fortitude

Body Control

Bolsters the character's defenses against Paralyzed, Petrified, Sickened, Stunned, and Weakened afflictions.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Defense against Paralyzed attacks, +10 Defense against Petrified attacks, +10 Defense against Sickened attacks, +10 Defense against Stunned attacks, +10 Defense against Weakened attacks

Bull's Will

Increases the character's Will defense.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Will

Cautious Attack

The character attacks from a defensive posture, taking care to never expose vulnerable openings. From this stance, characters receive a penalty to Speed but increase their Deflection.

Type: Modal

Effect: +10 Deflection, x0.8 Attack Speed

Graceful Retreat

Grants a bonus to all defenses against disengagement attacks.

Type: Passive

Effect: +12 Defense when disengaging

Hold the Line

Trains the character in new defensive strategies, increasing his or her Engagement limit by 1.

Type: Passive

Effect: +1 enemies engaged

Mental Fortress

Bolsters the character's defenses against Charmed, Confused, Dominated, Frightened, and Terrified afflictions.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Defense against Charmed attacks, +10 Defense against Confused attacks, +10 Defense against Dominated attacks, +10 Defense against Frightened attacks, +10 Defense against Terrified attacks

Snake's Reflexes

Increases the character's Reflex defense.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Reflex

Superior Deflection

Increases the character's Deflection defense.

Type: Passive

Effect: +5 Deflection


Bolsters the character's defenses against Blinded, Dazed, Hobbled, Prone, and Stuck afflictions.

Type: Passive

Effect: +10 Defense against Blinded attacks, +10 Defense against Dazed attacks, +10 Defense against Hobbled attacks, +10 Defense against Prone attacks, +10 Defense against Stuck attacks

Weapon and Shield Style

Equipped shields' Deflection bonuses are increased and grant equal bonus to the character's Reflex.

Type: Passive

Effect: +6 shield Deflection, shield Deflection bonus also applies to Reflex