Talents: Paladin
The Black Path

When the paladin defeats an opponent nearby enemies are Frightened.

Type: Passive

Speed: Average

Area of Effect: 4m Radius

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Foe AOE): Frightened for 10s vs. Will

Deep Faith

The intensity of the paladin's faith deepens, granting them increased defensive bonuses to Faith and Conviction.

Effect: +2 Deflection, +5 Fortitude, +5 Reflex, +5 Will

Greater Lay on Hands

Fueled solely by belief, the paladin is able to heal with the touch of his or her hands, recovering a substantial amount of Endurance for the paladin or an ally within range.

Effect: Added Endurance over 5s

Intense Flames

Augments the power of the paladin's Flames of Devotion ability, increasing its damage.

Effect: +50% Burn Damage for Flames of Devotion

Remember Rakhan Field

Named for an infamous battle that claimed the lives of over two thousand Bleak Walkers and six thousand of their foes. The paladin's Flames of Devotion does additional Corrode damage.

Effect (Modifies Flames of Devotion): +25% Damage as Corrode

Shielding Flames

The paladin's Flames of Devotion ability grants a temporary Deflection bonus to nearby allies.

Effect: +10 Deflection for 10s

Shielding Touch

Whenever the paladin uses Lay on Hands on an ally, the ally gains a Deflection bonus.

Effect: +8 Deflection for 10s

Untroubled Faith

The paladin's beliefs become more than just a sum of his or her actions, negating Reputations that negatively influence Faith and Conviction.

Effect: Modifies Faith and Conviction