Talents: Ranger
Accurate Wounding Shot

The ranger's aim becomes deadlier, making his or her Wounding Shots more accurate.

Effect (Modifies Wounding Shot): +10 Accuracy

Brutal Takedown

The ranger trains his or her animal companion to inflict Crush damage on opponents when using Takedown.

Effect (Modifies Takedown): +20 Crush Damage

Faithful Companion

The ranger's animal companion gains improved defenses against Charmed, Confused, and Dominated afflictions.

Effect: +15 Defense against Charmed, +15 Defense against Confused, +15 Defense against Dominated

Merciless Companion

Animal companions do small amounts of Sneak Attack damage against targets that qualify.

Effect: x1.3 Damage

Resilient Companion

The ranger's animal companion gains improved Damage Reductions against all damage types.

Effect: +3 Damage Reduction

Swift and Steady

The ranger becomes better able to shoot quickly, reducing the Accuracy penalty of Swift Aim.

Effect (Modifies Swift Aim): +5 Accuracy

Thorny Roots

The ranger's Binding Roots sprout nasty thorns that do additional Pierce and Slash damage to the target.

Effect (Modifies Binding Roots): +15 Pierce Damage, +15 Slash Damage

Vicious Companion

Trains the ranger's animal companion in vicious tactics, causing it to deal more damage with each hit.

Effect: +15% Damage, +3 DR