Talents: Rogue

Dramatically increases damage done from Stealth or Invisibility. The rogue may use melee or ranged weapons but must be within 2m of the target.

Effect: x2 Damage

Devastating Blow

Broadens the rogue's knowledge of critical anatomy, increasing the damage done by Finishing Blow.

Effect: +2% Finishing Blow Damage

Shadowing Beyond

Allows the character to temporarily turn invisible. Enemies cannot detect invisible characters and attacks made from invisibility automatically count as a Sneak Attack. Attacking, casting a spell, using a special ability, or using an item will end the invisible state.

Type: Active (2 per rest)

Speed: Instant

Effect: Invisible, Immune to Engagement, Untargetable, Break Engagements for 10s

Vicious Fighting

Improves the rogue's skill with devious maneuvers, increasing the percentage of the rogue's Hits that are converted to Critical Hits when using Dirty Fighting.

Effect: +10% of Hits converted to Critical Hits with Dirty Fighting