Class: Rogue

Rogues are vicious killers, feared for the brutality of their attacks. They can be found as often in dark back alleys as the heart of battlefield skirmishes. Though unpredictable and undisciplined, rogues are commonly used as shock troops or as part of a surprise assault, their withering attacks breaking enemy ranks and morale. Rogues tend to congregate in larger numbers in cities where they can be steadily employed as mercenaries or hired muscle.

Skill Bonuses:
  • Mechanics +2
  • Stealth +1

  • Endurance = 36 + (12 * [Level - 1])
  • Health = 4 * Endurance
  • Accuracy = 30 + (3 * [Level - 1])
  • Deflection = 15

Starting Ability:
  • Sneak Attack: Applies bonus damage to the rogue's ranged and melee weapon attacks when the target has any of the following afflictions: Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned, or Weakened. It also applies to any target the rogue strikes with a weapon within the first 2 seconds of combat.