Class: Priest

Priests are devotees of Eora's deities and practitioners of religious magic. While all priests dedicate themselves to specific gods, priests' power is actually derived from their personal beliefs. In contrast to most paladins, priests tend to focus on philosophy, teaching, and the relationship of religious organizations with common folk. The reception of priests in any given part of the world depends largely on how their god is revered -- or reviled -- by the people who live there.

Skill Bonuses:
  • Athletics +1
  • Lore +2

  • Endurance = 36 + (12 * [Level - 1])
  • Health = 4 * Endurance
  • Accuracy = 20 + (3 * [Level - 1])
  • Deflection = 15

Starting Abilities:
  • Holy Radiance: Generates a modest amount of Endurance for allies around the priest. Any enemy Vessels caught in the area take Burn damage and may be Frightened. Over the course of the game, the power of this ability may shift based on the Reputations the priest gains relative to the behaviors that are preferred by his or her deity.

  • Spells: Priests have access to a variety of support and some offense-oriented spells. Every two levels, priests automatically gain access to an additional set of spells. Initially, their spells can be cast a limited number of times per rest. As priests gain power, their weaker spells eventually shift to per-encounter use.

Priest Deities:
  • Berath

    Called "Berath" in Aedyran and "Cirono" in Vailian, it is the god of cycles, of doors, and of life and death itself. People commonly place or carve the figure of Berath in doorways, windows, and other "portals" from one place to another. Berath has a relatively small priesthood, in part because it does not speak often to them. However, Berath has many, many petitioners and occasional followers.

    Favored Dispositions: Rational, Stoic
    Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel, Passionate

  • Eothas

    Eothas is the Aedyran name for the god of light, redemption and rebirth. While worship of Eothas is still popular in the Aedyr Empire and Readceras, the faith is outlawed in most cities of the Dyrwood due to events of the Saint's War, in which St. Waidwen, who had supposedly become a living vessel for Eothas, attempted to invade the Dyrwood before being destroyed at the gates of Halgot Citadel. Eothas has not been heard from since, and is presumed dead by most.

    Favored Dispositions: Benevolent, Honest
    Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel, Deceptive

  • Magran

    Magran is the goddess of war and fire, and hers is the most populous following in Dyrwood. Magran's faithful are rank-and-file soldiers as well as officers, tacticians, and strategists. Additionally, they create devices used in warfare, especially those made in the forge, such as weapons and armor. Her priests view battle and warfare as inevitable human activities that should be pursued with single-minded efficiency. Consequently, she is not a goddess of battle lust or celebration as much as military excellence and passionate discipline.

    Favored Dispositions: Aggressive, Clever
    Disfavored Dispositions: Diplomatic, Passionate

  • Skaen

    Skaen, known as the Quiet Slave, is the god of secret hatred, resentment, and violent rebellion. He is usually depicted as a small, bald man covered in lash scars whose ears and nose have been cut off. He appears outwardly submissive, with downcast eyes. However, his eyes glitter black with quiet hatred, and his fist is clenched. He is known to manifest in a horrific incarnation known as the Effigy to followers desperate enough to perform certain unspeakable rites. In Dyrwood, Skaen's faithful often double as torturers and executioners, delighting in the fall of high-status prisoners.

    Favored Dispositions: Cruel, Deceptive
    Disfavored Dispositions: Aggressive, Benevolent

  • Wael

    Wael is the god of dreams, secrets, mysteries and revelations. Inscrutable even to the other gods, Wael has no determinate gender or consistent appearance. Its symbol is the eye, though the look and number of the eyes often change. People pray to Wael both to protect their secrets as well as to unravel the mysteries in front of them. Followers of Wael are known for many strange and unusual practices, possibly for good reasons, possibly for no reason at all.

    Favored Dispositions: Clever, Deceptive
    Disfavored Dispositions: Honest, Rational