Independent Thievery
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Waterfront district
Starting NPC: Armand Christophe
Possible Reward(s): Unknown

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After you've completed the May the Best Thief Win quest to gain entrance into the Thieves Guild, Armand will tell you that you must obtain more experience before you can go on any "special jobs" for him. To do so, you must sell at least 50 Gold worth of stolen merchandise to Ongar the Fence in the city of Bruma. If you've already been stealing everything that isn't nailed down in the game, then you can simply load it up and haul it to Bruma to get a good start. If you've never strayed from the law yet, though, you got some work ahead of you.

If you fast-travel to Bruma during the first night that you entered the guild, you may be able to catch Ongar while he's in Olav's Tap and Tack. Otherwise, you'll find him in his home in the southwest corner of town. Ongar doesn't have a whole lot for sale, but he does contain some essentials like Lockpicks and a book called "Followers of the Gray Fox" that will give you some more background information about the guild.

When you're ready to start burglarizing to reach your fencing goal of 50 Gold, you simply have to pick your destination. Anywhere in Cyrodiil will work toward this quest, so pick the area you're most comfortable with and get to work. To make things easier, you might want to stick with Bruma. There are a couple of nice homes on the north end of town (Baenlin's and Lyra Rosentia's, for example), and you can easily make 50 Gold right here in Bruma if you have decent pilfering skills. When you've sold enough goods to Ongar, head back to the Waterfront district to report your success to Armand.

Even though Armand is readily available at his home here in the Waterfront district, he requires that you meet him at midnight at the Garden of Dareloth before he'll talk business with you. Hang around until the dead of night, then speak with him to learn that the Gray Fox has asked him to take care of a problem, and he's going to delegate the issue to you instead. This will bring us to the Untaxing the Poor quest.

In order to receive another task from Armand, you'll need to fence a total of 100 Gold worth of stolen items, meaning that you only need another 50 Gold worth. This moderate sum should be fairly easy to do by returning to Bruma and filling your pack with more of Lyra and Baenlin's things. When you have enough, speak to Armand again to receive the The Elven Maiden quest.

After that task is complete, Christophe no longer has work for you. He directs you to S'Krivva in Bravil for another commissioned job, but she will require a total of 200 Gold in fenced items before offering you anything. Lucky for you, Armand also tells you about a new fence named Dar Jee in the city of Leyawiin, so now you have easy access to sell stolen goods in two cities. If you're tired of stealing from Bruma, hit up Rosentia Gallenus' home in Leyawiin to find an assortment of higher end items ripe for the taking. It shouldn't be long before you have the 200 Gold needed to get your next job, entitled Ahdarji's Heirloom.

For the next quest, Misdirection, S'Krivva requires that you have fenced 300 Gold worth of stolen items. Again, this shouldn't be an issue if you simply bounce between the ritzier homes in Bruma and Leyawiin and then sell the goods to the respective fences.

In order to receive the Lost Histories quest from S'Krivva, you'll need to reach the goal of 400 Gold worth of fenced items. After that, you'll need a total of 500 Gold worth of fenced items to obtain S'Krivva's final quest, entitled Taking Care of Lex. Completing that task gets you access to Orrin the blacksmith in Castle Anvil for your new fence, and therefore opens up a new lucrative opportunity to reach further goals.

Since you're no longer working for S'Krivva at this point, you need to get the attention of the Gray Fox himself. This is going to require a total of 600 Gold worth of fenced items, so you may want to check out some of the nicer places in Anvil now (such as Heinrich Oaken-Hull's home or the castle itself). When you finally reach your new goal, you'll receive a popup reminder that one of Gray Fox's messengers will be calling on you. The journal entry also mentions that you should wait in the Imperial City if you want them to find you quickly. Eventually, Methredhel will track you down and present you with the Turning a Blind Eye quest.

When you've returned Sabilla's Stone to the Gray Fox, he will tell you that another messenger will be sent out when he needs you. This will only happen after you've reached a goal of 700 Gold worth of fenced items, so if you aren't there yet, it's time to return to Anvil. The shops and castle are great places to acquire the more expensive items, so pilfer those areas if you haven't already. Sell another 100 Gold worth of items to Orrin, then fast-travel to the Imperial City and you'll eventually receive a visit from Amusei that will lead to the Arrow of Extrication quest.

Completing the arrow quest gets you access to the best fence the Thieves Guild has - Fathis Ules. He lives in the Elven Gardens district of the Imperial City, which opens up a whole new area that can be burglarized quickly and efficiently. It shouldn't take you long to get to your new goal of 800 Gold worth of stolen goods, and once you do, Amusei will show up again to begin the Boots of Springheel Jak quest.

After handing the boots over to the Gray Fox in Cheydinhal, fast-travel back to the Elven Gardens district to continue your thievery quest. The next quest you receive will be the final one in the Thieves Guild quest line, so this will be the last time you have to steal items to reach a goal. This time, you need to peddle another 200 Gold worth of stolen items to Fathis Ules so you can reach a total value of 1000 Gold. When this final goal has been reached, Amusei will track you down and trigger the The Ultimate Heist quest. Once you begin the last quest, this quest will move to the "Completed Quests" section of your journal. Nice work!