Arrow of Extrication
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any City
Starting NPC: Amusei
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold, New Fence Access

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After completing the Turning a Blind Eye quest and hitting a goal of 700 Gold worth of fenced stolen items, you'll be paid a visit by your favorite thieving buddy Amusei. He'll tell you to meet the Gray Fox at Malintus Ancus' house in Chorrol for your next task, so that's where we're headed next. Fast-travel to the south gate, then head to the southwest corner of the city to find Malintus' home.

The Gray Fox needs something special for his plans. He asks you to acquire the Arrow of Extrication, a small arrow with a key-shaped head currently in the possession of Bravil's court wizard Fathis Aren. To your surprise, the Gray Fox even tells you that you can kill Fathis if necessary, as long as the slaying doesn't happen in the castle. Once you have the arrow, you're to bring it to the Gray Fox back here at Maltinus' home.

When you arrive in Bravil, find the nearest beggar (such as Cosmus the Cheat) and ask him about Fathis Aren. He'll tell you that Fathis is also the wizard in the tower outside of Bravil and that he keeps his most treasured items there. Only Fathis can open the door to the tower, but the beggar tells you that there is supposed to be a secret passage somewhere in the castle that leads to the tower. Toss him another coin for the helpful information and proceed into Castle Bravil.

Any of the castle guards can tell you that Fathis has a room in the north wing and that he's a "gloomy fellow" that consorts with daedra. The door into the north wing is just up the stairs, but you'll need to sneak past the guards quickly to get through. If you have sufficient skill, you can even pickpocket the castle interior key from one of the guards. Once you're past the first door, take your first left and pick the lock or use the key on the door at the end of the hall. This is Fathis Aren's room.

Once you've looted the chests to your left, a popup journal message will tell you that you're beginning to think that the Arrow of Extrication isn't here and that a secret chamber might be nearby. A moveable pillar along the north wall will reveal such a chamber, where you'll find a locked door to the wizard's grotto. The grotto is a series of tunnels where you'll encounter a handful of tough opponents.

Pick the lock on the gate straight ahead of you, then take your first right into the water-filled section. Hang another right and you'll eventually come to an area where the water goes very deep. Cast a Water Breathing spell if you have it, then kill the two regular Slaughterfish in the area and start swimming downward. When you emerge through the final opening at the bottom, a Giant Slaughterfish will confront you. This fish is very tough, so make sure you're prepared before taking him on. When you've finally managed to best him, the fish can be looted for several nice treasures.

A tunnel from this room will bring you to the bottom of a lake outside, but that's not where you want to go. Instead, ascend back up the deep pit you just came down from. Just before you reach the surface again, you'll find another small tunnel leading to a new dungeon area. Make your way through this new area (killing anything that blocks your path) until you reach a door into the Wizard's Lair. Pick the lock and continue through.

The Wizard's Lair is filled with difficult monsters (but quite a few spoils), so prepare yourself before rushing through. The main hallway will eventually open up into a large room where you'll fight a powerful unnamed caster. Once he's dead, take the stairs up and go through the door into Falthis Aren's Tower.

Things get even tougher at the tower. Each level seems to get progressively harder with creatures appropriate to your level, until you eventually reach Falthis Aren himself on the third floor. If you're a member of the Mages Guild, then you're not going to want to kill him, or you'll be kicked out of the guild. In fact, you can't even get caught stealing from him or you'll lose your membership. Bummer. Instead, sneak past him to the right and loot his chest to find the Key-Shaped Arrowhead you were looking for and a key to exit the tower. The arrowhead isn't the entire Arrow of Extrication, but it's much as you can get for the Gray Fox at this point. Drop down to the lowest level and use your new key to enter the outdoors once again.

Once back in Chorrol, tell the Gray Fox that you only found the arrow's head. He's disappointed, but claims that he can have the arrow repaired. He promotes you to the rank of Master Thief, hands you another 500 Gold, and tells you about a new fence - Fathis Ules in the Imperial City. He also mentions that he'll most likely need your help in the near future to further his plans.

You're going to need a total of 800 Gold worth of fenced items to get the Gray Fox's attention again, so fast-travel to the Imperial City's Elven Gardens district to find Fathis Ules. Fathis' home can be found just across the road from The King and Queen Tavern. Utilize him for another 100 Gold worth of stolen goods, then wait on the streets of the Imperial City until another messenger is sent for you. Amusei eventually shows up again, and this time he triggers the Boots of Springheel Jak quest.