Boots of Springheel Jak
Quest Information
Starting Location: Any City
Starting NPC: Amusei
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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Even though you've already recovered Savilla's Stone during the Turning a Blind Eye quest, plundered the key-shaped arrowhead during the Arrow of Extrication quest, and sold off over 800 Gold worth of stolen items as part of the Independent Thievery quest, you still have more work to do for the Gray Fox. Wait on one of Imperial City's main streets for a day or two and you'll eventually be approached by Amusei once again. This time, the Gray Fox wants you to meet him at Ganredhel's House in Cheydinhal.

Ganredhel's home is just to the south of the abandoned house leading into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary on the east side of Cheydinhal. Enter the house and speak with the Gray Fox to learn that he needs another special item to move forward with this plans. He needs the boots of Springheel Jak, a famous thief that died some 300 years ago. Legend has it that Jak was buried with his boots on, but the Gray Fox doesn't know where such a grave may be. He recommends that you travel to the Imperial City and search the home of Jakben, the Earl of Imbel, for a clue leading to Springheel's grave. Apparently Jakben is the only known descendent of the Springheel line.

Return to the Imperial City and track down a local beggar like Fralav the Faker. Ask him about Jakben, Earl of Imbel, to learn that he has a home in the Talos Plaza district. The beggar also claims that Jakben mostly keeps to himself and only goes out after dark. When you reach the Talos Plaza district, you'll find Jakben's home along the center ring not far from the Tiber Septim Hotel. Break in during the evening hours when his servant, Gemellus Axius, is asleep. This will give you free reign of the house, and you'll eventually end up searching the third floor through a locked trap door. There, you'll find a locked desk containing a document called the Imbel Genealogy, though it doesn't say anything about Springheel Jak's burial location. Your journal suggests that the Earl himself might be able to tell you, with a little friendly persuasion.

Before speaking to Jakben directly, have a quick conversation with Axius. The servant will tell you that hte entrance into the family crypt is in the cellar and that only the Earl has a key. Axius also reveals that he was warned never to enter it on pain of death. If you quiz the servant during the evening hours, he'll tell you that Jakben is out "searching for his supper", which leads you to believe that you're dealing with a vampire if you didn't already suspect that after talking with the beggar.

When you finally meet up with Jakben, he acts very frightened of you. Ask him about the boots and he'll simply hand over the Imbel Family Crypt Key for you to investigate them yourself. According to Jakben, the crypt gives him "the creeps." Sure they do, Jak. Pay a visit to the basement, where you'll find a locked wooden door leading down into the catacombs. Like the servant said, the door can only be unlocked with Jakben's key.

The catacombs are crawling with vampires, so be very careful. There is also a fair amount of treasure to be plundered in the coffins and chests down here, so you may want to explore every room thoroughly rather than just focusing on the boots. If you take the central hallway, you'll come to a locked door that leads into a larger room occupied by a Vampire Matriarch. Beyond the Matriarch is another locked door leading to Springheel Jak's coffin. Unfortunately, you won't find any boots in the coffin, but it does contain Springheel's diary. The diary recounts Jak's memory of a "great thief" that he was once friends with, though he can't seem to remember his name. He does remember that the thief stole from Nocturnal herself, which pretty much tells you that he's talking about the Gray Fox (who has also been around for 300 years... remember?). The diary contains entries that are decades apart and eventually you'll learn that Springheel Jak is Jakben, Earl of Imbel.

Before you can return upstairs to confront him, Jakben suddenly attacks you in full battle armor. Teach the vampire the error of his ways, then search his corpse to find the Boots of Springheel Jak and a few other nice items. Search the rest of the catacombs if you haven't already, then return to the streets of Imperial City and fast-travel to Cheydinhal's east gate to speak with the Gray Fox once more.

The Gray Fox tells you that the boots may be "the last piece of the puzzle", though you still don't know what the puzzle is. He claims that he needs to spend more time with Savilla's Stone, and if all goes well, he might need you for one last task. He warns you that the danger will be great, but the reward will be even greater. Part ways with him, then focus on your new goal of 1000 Gold worth of fenced items as part of the Independent Thievery quest. When you're finished with that requirement, though, don't wait in the Elven Gardens district for a messenger. For whatever reason, one will never arrive. Instead, move to the Market district or someplace similar and set the waiting clock for 24 hours while you're on a main street. Eventually Amusei will show up again and offer you the The Ultimate Heist quest.