Untaxing the Poor
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Waterfront district
Starting NPC: Armand Christophe
Possible Reward(s): 53 Gold

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When you've successfully fenced over 50 Gold worth of stolen items for the Independent Thievery quest, Armand Christophe will present you with your first task.

Hieronymus Lex is a Captain in the Imperial Watch and he has dedicated his career to extinguishing the Thieves Guild and everything they stand for. To strike a blow against the Thieves Guild, Hieronymus has collected taxes from the poor people of the Waterfront district, even though collecting the taxes most likely cost them more than what they gained. The Gray Fox, on the other hand, has annointed himself as a protector for the poor people of Imperial City, and he wants the taxes stolen back. And to help the guild determine how much each poor man is supposed to receive, you need to steal the tax records as well. Go wake up Puny Ancus again and inquire about Hieronymus Lex. After a quick bribe, he'll tell you that Hieronymus resides in an office at the top of the South Watchtower.

You can gain access to the Watchtower in the Temple district, and you won't need to use fast-travel. Just run up to the exit leading to the Temple district, zone in, and hang a right. Follow the wall until you reach the corner and go through the door on your right. Use your sneak skill to gain access to the third floor via the ladders, then pick the lock barring your way up to the fourth floor. This is the Captain's office, and if you arrived during the dead of the night, you'll most likely find Hieronymus Lex asleep in his bed. Sneak over to the desk, pick the lock, and grab the Waterfront Tax Records and 53 Gold inside. Grab anything else that you can carry on your way back down, then return to Christophe and report your victory.

Christophe is pleased to hear that you've recovered the money and records, and promises you that he will make sure all the money gets back to the appropriate people. As a reward, he lets you keep the tax gold and promotes you to the rank of Footpad. At this point, if you've already fenced over 100 Gold worth of stolen items, you can ask about another job (taking you to the The Elven Maiden quest). If not, then refer to the Independent Thievery quest for suggestions on how to come up with another 50 Gold worth of valuable items.