The Elven Maiden
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Waterfront district
Starting NPC: Armand Christophe
Possible Reward(s): 100 Gold, New Fence Access

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Once you've fenced over 100 Gold worth of stolen goods for the Independent Thievery quest, Armand will offer you another task. For this job, you'll be obtaining a unique statuette for the guild. The statuette is a bust of Llathasa Indarys, the recently slain Countess of Cheydinhal, and Christophe agress to pay you "a modest sum" for its theft.

Fast-travel to Cheydinhal and track down one of the beggars, such as Bruccius the Orphan. Throw him a gold piece, then inquire about the statuette. He will tell you that the late countess commissioned to have it made and that it now rests within her tomb in the chapel undercroft. He also mentions that they've posted a guard at her tomb to keep it from being disturbed and that the whole undercroft may be haunted.

Proceed to the Great Chapel of Arkay and break into the undercroft below. The chapel guard patrols between the two wings of the undercroft, so wait until she moves to the east before making a break to the west side. At the end of the large room, you'll find the Llathasa's Bust statuette. Grab it, then make a break for the door out of the undercroft. It appears that the rumor of the place being haunted was unfounded...

When you return to the Imperial district Waterfront district, you'll receive a popup message that the place is crawling with Imperial Watch. They're all looking for Armand Christophe, so your normal midnight rendezvous won't be possible. The message suggests that you ask other members of the Thieves Guild to determine where he's hiding.

You can certainly interrogate some of the Thieves Guild members, but what you're really waiting for is a visit from Methredhel. She'll tell you that an arrest warrant has been issued for Armand and that there never was a client that commissioned for the statuette. Instead, Armand used you to flush out an informant that has infiltrated the guild. Myvryna is the informant, and Methredhel suggests that you plant the statuette in her cupboard to get her framed for the theft.

Myvryna lives here in the waterfront district, not far from the Garden of Dareloth. Wait until the coast is clear before breaking in, then plant the statuette in the cupboard as instructed. The only task left is to convince Hieronymus Lex to search Myvryna's home. To do so, you'll need a high disposition with Lex, so track him down outside near Armand's home and let the bribing begin.

When you're confident that Hieronymus will listen to you, tell him that the bust is in Myvryna's cupboard. He will be quite surprised, given that she's his informant, but will investigate nonetheless. Follow him to her home and watch the arrest take place before returning to the garden and awaiting Christophe's arrival at midnight.

When Armand shows up later that evening, he explains that he couldn't be sure of your loyalties and had to use you to expose the informant. As a reward, he hands you 100 Gold, promotes you to the rank of Bandit, and tells you about a second fence that you can now sell stolen goods to - Dar Jee of Leyawiin. If you inquire about another job, Armand tells you that he no longer has any work for you. He directs you to a woman named S'Krivva in the city of Bravil, and also recommends that you only speak with her at the Lonely Suitor Lodge or at her home when the door is unlocked. This will trigger the Ahdarji's Heirloom quest.